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XR (AR, VR & MR) Links & Resources


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XR 101

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VR Headsets

AR Headsets & Glasses

  • Varjo XR-3 - Highest performance XR for every workplace
  • Microsoft HoloLens 2 - Mixed reality device with apps and solutions that enhance collaboration
  • Magic Leap One - A lightweight, wearable computer to enhance productivity
  • Realwear - Voice Controlled Fully Rugged Headset
  • Vuzix Blade - Provides hands-free ar glasses to defense, security, enterprise and consumers
  • Vuzix M400 - See-through Waveguide optics for a more natural viewing state
  • Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 - A hands-free device for smarter and faster hands-on work






  • SparkAR - Let’s you create interactive AR experiences, with or without code
  • Metavrse - It is a web platform that makes it easy to Create, Curate & Consume interactive 3D Experiences
  • Exokit - Tools for virtual worlds in the browser
  • AWS Sumerian - Easily create and run browser-based 3D, AR, and VR applications
  • WebXR - It allows you develop and host VR and AR experiences on the web
  • Simlab - A revolutionary visualization and VR creation software
  • Google Model Viewer - Easily display interactive 3D models on the web & in AR


Solution-oriented links. The same company may have more than one solution.

Training & Simulation

  • Virtalis - Put your digital assets in the hands of your entire organisation
  • Acadicus - Provides a library of ready-to-use virtual simulation content for training and education
  • EngageVR - Ideal for collaboration, education, simulated training and virtual events
  • Reflekt-One - Step-by-step instructions and digital training guides
  • VR Direct - Offers you a platform to build your own web-based VR Trainings
  • Sixense Full-Presence System - Provide realistic, full-body training
  • Aucta - Create and deploy 3D instructions anywhere, on any device
  • HTX Labs - Immersive training platform
  • 3Spin-Dream - Create & carry out augmented & virtual reality trainings
  • VR Vision Group - Offers VR Training App Development Service
  • Taqtile - Provides toolset to get step-by-step guidance from your experts anywhere, anytime
  • Halldale - Training and simulation company

Remote Assistant

Meeting & Remote Work

  • Spatial - Popular cross-platform XR meeting app
  • MeetinVR - Optimized for exceptional collaboration
  • improov - Collaborate in VR around your CAD model
  • MootUp - Accessible 3D Virtual and Hybrid Event Platform
  • The Wild - Bring your work to life before it’s built
  • Mozilla Hubs - Share a virtual room with friends

Social VR

  • Altspace - Attend live shows, meetups, cool classes, and more with friendly people from around the world
  • Rec Room - Party up with friends from all around the world to chat, hang out and play
  • BigScreen - Watch movies and hang out with friends in virtual reality
  • Mozilla Hubs - Share a virtual room with friends


Art & Design

  • Gravity Sketch - Intuitive 3D design platform for cross-disciplinary teams
  • Tilt Brush - It lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality
  • Facebook Quill - It is a VR illustration and animation tool empowering creators to tell immersive stories
  • Medium by Adobe - You can sketch ideas out of thin air in any direction
  • Blocks - Create beautiful 3D models in no time
  • Sketchbox - Instantly bring your 3D content into an infinite, collaborative workspace
  • Kingspray Graffiti - Kingspray is a battle-tested VR Graffiti Simulator, with realistic spray
  • AnimVR - 3D production with a powerful timeline, virtual cameras, audio recording, fading & editing
  • Tvori - Prototype XR apps & games
  • Maquette - Maquette makes spatial prototyping easy, quick, and immersive


  • Manus VR - VR Gloves
  • Sense Glove - The New Sense for VR Training
  • BHaptics - Haptic vest that packs 40 individually controllable vibro-tactile motors
  • Full Body VR - Full Body VR Gaming Experience


  • Mojo - World’s only contact lens that elevates your vision


  • Cognitive3D - Translate Insights from VR/AR Into Real World Results

Remote Rendering

Custom Software Development Service Providers

  • Nomtek - Nomtek is a world-class Magic Leap development partner
  • Exyte - Hire experts and design professionals to design, develop, and deploy your projec
  • Elmparklabs - Offers you to plan and execute your XR strategy and applications
  • Innovation Rock - Offers you to transform businesses through new realities
  • Next / Now - It is an award-winning digital experience agency
  • Cemtrex Labs - Offers you to transform your brand with a help of immersive technology
  • Lucid Reality Labs - XR solutions from concept & design to development and support
  • Three View Studio - Immersive technology development studio
  • Subvrsive - Offers virtual events and immersive experiences that drive results
  • CM&D - Offers you XR experience development service with the latest tech
  • Saritasa - AR/VR, and IoT technology solutions
  • Softengi - Provides XR development services




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