About Me

Hey, whatโ€™s up! Iโ€™m Seckin. Game Developer, XR Expert, R&D Engineer, Inventor, Simplifier, Automator, Speaker based in Istanbul, Turkey. Currently, Iโ€™m working at Siemens and responsible for:

  • Developing automated and simple solutions for repetitive complex tasks
  • Simplifying complexity with the help of cutting-edge tech
  • Finding and defining Industry pain points
  • Creating novelty solutions based on pain points
  • Developing and implementing PoCs for patent applications
  • Developing XR apps, tools, and solutions for industry
  • Creating multiplayer XR Apps for remote collaboration
  • Creating immersive VR training applications for industry
  • Designing and implementing real-time standalone 3D apps
  • Researching on Computer Graphics, XR, 3D Visualization, and AI
  • Using ML & Deep Learning to make things smart
  • Helping companies to adopt digitalization & IoT 4.0
  • Using digital twins to create virtual commissioning solutions

What I will share on my blog page is completely personal and does not represent any company or organization.